Friday, 18 April 2014

Get Greens - Green Plague - Full length album out now

Get Greens - Green Plague LP out 20/04/14 on download (choose what you pay). We've heard it, and you're in for a treat. They're back with their very own blend of stoner hardcore. If you like heavy hardcore full of breakdowns, you'll fuckin love this.

"Get Greens is a four-piece Hardcore band from California that refers (lol reefers) to themselves as “Weedcore” and judging by the infectious, groove-laden riffing present throughout most of “Green Plague” I imagine at least partial songwriting credit could go to nature's most controversial gift. You may remember hearing “Cashed” from “The Tokeover” on Episode 48 and while that's a pretty damn good EP by itself, Get Greens has really stepped it up on “Green Plague” both in sound quality and songwriting. While I'm not really too much of a stickler for production value, this is definitely a case where a more “professional” sound has proven to make a huge difference. The band just hits a little harder now, the groove is heavier, the smoke is thicker and the 40s are colder. No, this album doesn't come with party favors, but it totally should. Actually, every album should because that would rule."    No One Likes Your Band album review

Check out Get Greens online via Facebook, Bandcamp & Twitter

Friday, 20 September 2013

Bring To Ruin's debut album now up for download

We helped release Bring to Ruin 's album (Debut album from Bring To Ruin. 13 skull smashing songs. For fans of hardcore punk, d-best and crust) just over a year ago on CD, now it's available on a choose what you pay download, pay nothing i...f you like; BUT, IF YOU DO CHOOSE TO BUY THIS ALBUM: 100% OF CASH GOES TO 'SQUASH' (Squatters' Action For Secure Homes):

Chip in if you can, but of course no worries if you can't, we just want you to enjoy some shithot hardcore punk...

Monday, 16 September 2013

Wreck The Place debut CD album coming 1st November

The brainchild of a certain DrRobeatnik (aka Steve Allen, also known as Same Old Steve) from Sheffield. Kinda Acoustic Punk with a Folk, Gypsyesque twist (i stole that from their website!) and we like it.

Went down a storm at this years (2013) Dirty Weekend Festival on the acoustic stage, give them a blast, it's very listenable and make sure you get yourself a pre-ordered copy by heading over to our store as we expect to move these quickly. Available as a digi-pack edition CD, lovely.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Get Greens - Tokeover EP - UK digital release out now!

We're pretty fuckin' excited to release this over here i'm the UK for LA 'weedcore' (self-proclaimed!) band Get Greens. FREE digital only release.

Get Greens plays fast heavy hardcore punk. Self-proclaimed “Weed Core” from Antelope Valley, Ca. Heavily influenced by artists such as; Disrupt, Municipal Waste, Black Flag, Dr. Dre, Minus, Warvictims, Trash Talk, Westside Connection, Ghoul, Aus-Rotten; Gangstas, Killas, Dope Dealas, and an undying love and passion for Marijuana.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Down To Kill - Betrayal Of Humankind - OUT NOW!

After the success of their debut album, Scottish anarcho-punkers have returned with a stonking follow up. 

Fill ya boots....

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Thursday, 28 February 2013

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally out! Head over to the store to grab yours!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


We need to make way for some new stuff that's coming up, so grab yourself a bargain in our sale, hit the below link:

Friday, 1 February 2013

Dirty Weekend Festival - Second major lineup announcement!

Check out the below flyer for our second announcements! And check the facebook and website pages for updates to the lineup every Sunday from here on!


Sunday, 13 January 2013

First Batch Of Bands Announced For Dirty Weekend 2013

It's all go again for another Dirty Weekend Festival. The Collective is already extremely busy getting things moving and there's already a huge amount to look forward to. To wet your appetite, we decided to announce the first batch of bands, check out the below flyer!

Obviously there will be a lot more, there are some extremely exciting bands being talked to right now ;)


Monday, 24 December 2012

2012 Thank YOU!!

Just a quick word to say thank you for everyone's support in 2012! It's been a funny old year to be honest!

We have VERY full lives outside of doing this stuff, from jobs to children, to bands to other hobbies, from partying to recovering, so as you can imagine we appreciate the continued support. Your orders are what keeps this alive and without you we wouldn't really able to exist. DIY culture is an amazing thing, support it!

We plan on keeping the same level of output in 2013; a few good releases a year and a couple of decent compilations, The Dirty Weekend Festival and possibly some more events in our local area.

Thanks folks!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

ORDER NOW: Bring To Ruin - Self Titled


We are buzzing about being involved in releasing Bring To Ruin's debut album.

Bring To Ruin have been together since Oct 2010. Since their beginning they've been all over the UK and Europe touring.


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We've been seriously looking forward to this! Here are some examples of songs off the album....

Down To Kill - second album coming soon!

Down To Kill are following up their debut album "Born To Die" with one stonker of an album, having had the pleasure of hearing it in it's entirety already, we're buzzing to be involved in this release. It's going to be called "Betrayal Of Mankind" and will feature 10 new songs.

Keep watching this space, for the time being, here's three songs off the album to wet your appetite:

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Free Sampler Vol 1 - Out Now

We put together a FREE compilation which samples music from releases we've been involved in.

You can download and stream this for free by going here:

If you want a CD version you can get that from here:
This is also free, the price you pay is to cover postage and costs.


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Morffe - Today Was Bright EP coming soon!!

Morffe. You haven't heard Morffe? We want you to hear Morffe.

Something different, here at RAR we get very bored with sticking to just hardcore punk, raging anarcho and sweaty crust... it NEEDS to be diversified!

Anyway, a while back this band, Morffe, from our local area (dreary north Wales) popped out from nowhere and most of us kinda fell in love with the quirky bastards. They recorded a handful of songs and then decided to call it a day. "Too soon to be over lads" we cried, "way too soon, don't stop now" we pleaded! Anyway, they've decided to get back on it and it's grins all round.

And, they've let us here at RAR digitally release their 3 song EP. It's coming soon, and we'll let you know.

Whilst you're waiting, you can check them out here

Try them out, you just might like it.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Bring To Ruin - Self Titled debut album coming soon, album preview here

We are buzzing about being involved in releasing Bring To Ruin's debut album. It's to be released on cd and vinyl and will hold 13 songs.

Bring To Ruin have been together since Oct 2010. Since their beginning they've been all over the UK and Europe touring.

 They've let everyone hear 4 songs off this debut album and you can listen below. The album is set for release at the end August 2012 and it'll be available directly from us here at RAR.

We're seriously looking forward to this! Enjoy...

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dirty Weekend Band Times Announced

So, The Dirty Weekend band's set times have been announced!


::::::MAIN STAGE::::::::::: PUMPKIN STAGE::::::

8.45-9.30 FREEBASE
9.30-10.00 DEAD SUBVERTS
11.15-11.45 BRING TO RUINS
11.45-12.15 2 SICK MONKEYS
12.15- ? DOOM

::::::HARDCORE ROOM:::::::

7.00-7.20 STUCK IN A RUT
7.35-8.00 DRUG COUPLE
8.15-8.45 PRECINCT 13
9.30-10.00 BAILBOND
10.15-10.45 KEYSIDE STRIKE


::::::MAIN STAGE::::::::::::PUMPKIN STAGE::::::

11.45-12.10 DISFORTUNE
12.10-12.35 OLD RADIO 
2.45-3.15 SWINELORD
3.45-4.15 REVENGE OF THE
4.15-4.45 PAUL CARTER
4.45-5.15 EPIC PROBLEM
5.15-5.45 UNFIXED
5.45-6.15 LUVDUMP
6.45-7.15 SPANNER
7.15-7.45 SSS
8.15-8.45 VICE SQUAD
8.45-9.15 AUTONOMADS
9.45-10.15 MORAL DILEMMA
10.30-11.30 NEVILLE STAPLE

:::::HARDCORE ROOM:::::::

1.45-2.15 FACE OF CHRIST
2.30-3.00 BROKE
3.15-3.45 DEADxSETT
4.45-5.15 DASHWOOD
8.45-9.15 CAST IRON JAW
9.45-10.45 KNUCKLEDUST

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Ask Questions Demand Answers - OUT NOW

Out 7/7/12 FREE DOWNLOAD from:

A compilation to raise awareness for the 2005 London Bombings Truth Campaign.

The London Bombings; issues surrounding this event cover a wide range of topics such as the restriction of civil liberties, the ever expanding war on terror, the increase of racist propaganda/general ignorance about the Muslim community, all of which wouldn’t have been anywhere near as bad without 7/7 and of course 9/11 before that.
There is vast quantities of debate and independent research on the topic, included in this compilation are some extra downloads which can serve as an introduction to the subject from the perspective of those who ask questions regarding the truth behind the official version of events.

The internet is rammed with websites and resources for the subject so we could endlessly list, so without us doing so check out which is regularly updated.
The most recent documentary and "safest" in our opinion is "7/7 Crime And Punishment" by Tom Secker, you can watch it here:

This compilation is dedicated to those who lost their lives on July 7th 2005 due to the bombings.

released 07 July 2012
All the bands included. Matt from Pumpkin Records for mastering. Righteous Anger Records.

1. Luvdump - Who Decides The Truth 03:57
2. Global Parasite - Seven Seven 03:24
3. Hello Bastards - Stockwell Terror 01:18
4. Dead Subverts - Kubark 02:41
5. Armed Response Unit - Line the Casket 01:09
6. From The Cradle To The Rave - The Lynch Mob 03:59
7. Black Star Dub Collective - Until Babylon Falls 04:24
8. Same Old Steve - Moonlight Sonata 03:43
9. The Deadittes - Bombs Tonight 03:13
10. Bring To Ruin - Stuff The Upper Crust 01:59
11. Meinhoff - Ghetto Punk 01:58
12. Down To Kill - Rise Up 02:00
13. Subside - Victims Of Politics 01:40
14. The Irrefutable (Ft Son of Saturn)Prod.Push Beats,Luka) - Mechanized Konfusion 03:21
15. Bruva Grimm (Ft Joey Menza) - God Complex 02:49
16. Spanner - Crisis 05:40
17. Subhumans - This year's war 03:43
18. Oi Polloi - They Shoot Children 01:08
19. Burnt Cross - Spectacle of the Obscene 01:55
20. Moral Dilema - Right To Remain Silent 02:52
21. Power Is Poison - Never gonna 01:42
22. Ram-Man - All you need to know 03:33
23. Total Bloody Chaos - Police Brutality 02:24
24. Finite Death - Pigs (are intelligent animals) 03:02
25. I.C.H - My First Political Song 04:34

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Scarred Society's debut album OUT NOW!!

We are proud to be involved in the release of Scarred Society's debut album.

Scarred Society are a Hardcore Punk band from Birmingham, formed in late 2009. originally as a three piece using a drum machine and now with a full live band. Lyrically they talk about politics, social commentary and just the state of things in the world we live in today.

It is available from us for £3.00 UK or £5.00 worldwide (including postage and packing), check out our online shop!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Part 2: Punk & Ska Fundraiser For The Anthony Ramsdale Appeal

After the success of the first Punk Fundraiser for Anthony Ramsdale; we are doing another one! Only this time were aiming to raise all the money required to pay for it completely! So Please spread the word and lets come together as a community once again for someone that needs a helping hand right now. For those not familiar with Anthony's struggle, scroll down under the event details an read up or visit the Anthony Ramsdale Appeal Page (linked below by Bernard, Anthony's father)!

Confirmed so far:

(London 5 piece playing a faral mash up of punk, ska, reggae an dub),

(Wrexham punk rock feauting members of Stuntface and The Smack Rats)

(Local loons taking their influences from "Chickens, Peas & Monocles")

(Liverpool ska/punk)

(Local young punks full of beans an hungry for more!)

(All the way from Sheffield, Jack will be playing a mix of Punk, Ska and Drum n Bass inbetween and after the bands)

The night will be held at The Marine in Old Colwyn (turn off the A55 at the Old Colwyn turn off, turn left and you will see it accross the road at the first roundabout you come to, theres a small car park for bands and spaces on the side of the surrounding roads).

Entry fee will be £5 on the door, tippence when you see the full line up, I wont let you down!

No Dresscode, All Welcome, but please comb your hair!

And, like last time there will be a raffle aswell (the donated goodies are listed below, more to be added), with a strip of 5 raffle tickets for £1. Cant fault it can ya?!

Anthony's Story

In April 2007, Anthony Ramsdale was involved in a horrific road traffic accident that changed his life beyond any recognition. The accident left him permanently brain damaged and in a coma for seven months.

Against all odds and after a massive battle with the authorities, Anthony was transferred to an ABI unit in Colwyn Bay, North Wales where he underwent and continues to undergo extensive rehabilitation in the hope that his standard of life can one day return to some sort of normality.

Anthony's family have been refused a benefit called DLA which would have given their son specialised transport. The reason given by the Government was that Anthony is not living on his own, with or without full time carers, or with his parents. The fact that this is totally impossible due to the severity of his brain damage and injuries cut no ice despite the family employing a solicitor to fight for their cause.

So it has been decided that the 'Anthony Ramsdale Appeal' will now step up a gear and endeavor to raise enough money to get the specialised vehicle themselves. They have recieved help from several Soul nights and other fundraising events and in February this year we helped them with a Punk Rock fundraiser featuring Flat Back Four, Chief, The Shuffle, Global Parasite and Ugly Fashion. Succesfully raising £570 on the night.

So this time we will be aiming to raise enough money to completely finish paying for the specialised vehicle and if theres any left over put it in the petrol tank and/or save it for MOTs, Insurance an all the rest of it!!

If you'd like to help out at all by giving flyers to friends or at other gigs you might go to between now and July 23rd, please get in touch.


The following were kindly donated by Fran Henderson & Zoe Clifton:
Idicator / Radio Alice "No War" Split 7 ",
"Punk Shit Volume 2" Compilation CD featuring 35 tracks from the bowels of the DIY Punk underground,
"Tear Down The Walls!" By John Bowden and the Leeds Anarchist Black Cross,
"Royal Park Community Consortium" Info Pamphlet on a closed down school in Leeds, converted into a community centre by a group of concerned members of the community who came together when the school closed in 2004,
"WHY Issue 7" Great fanzine, truely interesting read and some top reviews, interviews and opinions,
"Beaten Up, Fitted Up, Locked Up. Mark Barnsley And The Pomona Incident - A Miscarriage Of Justice" Info zine about Mark Barnsley being wrongfully imprisoned in June 1994 and still in prison today.

The following were kindly donated by Birmingham punk rockers Drongos For Europe:
Drongos For Europe's new album "Cage The Rage",
Drongos For Europe "Punk Rock Radio" patch and badge,
Drongos For Europe women's skinny fit "Birmingham Punk Rock" T-shirt and badge,
Drongos For Europe bottle opener.

If any kind bands/people would like to donate CDs/merch/anything else for the raffle (even if you cant make it to the gig, donations for this would be greatly appreciated!) please send me a personal message so we can arrange it,

Thanks in advance!